The Erich Kaestner House of Literature, Conversion of Museum Rooms

The Erich Kaestner House for Literature, Dresden

Conversion of the museum room

The structural changes made it possible to maintain the distance regulations for visitors to Dresden’s popular literature museum required during the Corona pandemic, so that museum operations could be safeguarded in times of pandemic.

The previously highly structured premises of the Erich Kaestner Museum, consisting of a checkroom, hallway and exhibition room, were converted into a spacious museum room using our opening room concept. Entrance and exit of the museum were separated from each other in the new concept.

In addition, the museum rooms were redesigned according to Ruairí O’Brien’s color concept.


  • Structural engineering (overall planning, incl. statics)
  • individual color concept
  • Redesign of the museum rooms

Planning / execution 2020 / 2021