Light Concept St. Josef Church Dresden

Light Concept St. Josef Church Dresden

Reconstruction and extension of the parish center St. Josef Dresden-Pieschen

The building is the first reinforced concrete church of the Art Nouveau style in Dresden. The church was extensively rebuilt from 1970 to 1978 (architect Hubert Paul). The sculptural work was carried out by Friedrich Press.

The current reconstruction includes the ground, 1st and 2nd floors in the eastern part of the church building.
The lighting concept connects the different areas and uses of the community center, which is spread over three floors, with a common lighting language that enhances the architectural spaces and supports their flexible use by the community with energy-efficient lighting technologies.
The unique lighting fixtures and created “light” spaces provide diverse lighting scenarios that support the community in conducting secular and church activities, civic meetings, public and private events.

Planning Areas:

  • Ground floor: meeting space, chapel / workday chapel
  • 1.Upper floor: conference rooms / seminar rooms / group rooms for music
  • 2.Upper floor: Great hall under the historical vault

Client: Catholic parish of St. Martin, Dresden

Architect: Matthias Klut Dipl.-Ing. Freelance architect

Lighting design: Ruairí O’Brien . Lighting Design

Completion: Spring 2023

AMD / Xilinx, Annenhoefe Dresden

Meeting Rooms / Conference and Communication Areas

Completion of the new premises of the Dresden branch of AMD according to the concept for light and color by Ruairí O’Brien.
Location: Annenhoefe Dresden, Germany (2022)

Architect: O+M Architekten GmbH BDA

Services: Interior design / color concept / lighting design

Client: Xilinx Dresden GmbH / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
Photos: Baldauf&Baldauf

Light Towers

Light Towers

Part of the lighting concept for the Old Cotton Floeha

Project Lighthouses receives recognition award in the competition “Ab in die Mitte! Die City-Offensive Sachsen” 2022

Under the motto “Creative out of the crisis – rethinking the city center”, 34 project ideas for the revitalization of city centers were submitted by 33 municipalities. The award ceremony will take place at the Denkmal trade fair in Leipzig on 25.11.2022.

Ruairí O’Brien . Lichtdesign is developing the lighting concept for the old cotton mill in the city of Floeha and is accompanying the lighting design development of the new city center within the old cotton mill and its new marketplace. The project “Light towers” of the city of Floeha, which was created according to our lighting concept, received a recognition award worth 5,000 euros. Head of the building department Andre Stefan accepted the congratulations and the certificate from State Secretary Thomas Kralinski (SMWA).

Floeha’s project idea involves the interior lighting of the three towers on the “new building” by installing resource-saving LED lights. It is intended to be the first building block for the implementation of accent lighting and to contribute to making the cubature of the largest building complex in the old cotton mill appear in an intelligently timed manner in the early evening hours in order to lend the future center more attention as well as quality of stay and experience.

Here you can see our visualization of the competition entry “Light towers” of the city of Floeha 2022.

On the Road in the Light 2022, Potsdam

On the road in the light 2022, Potsdam

“Soundless Music” The illuminated Potsdam city center 2022

On the road in the light. But safe!

On the third weekend in January, our LICHT composition “Soundless Music” was performed in Potsdam’s city center. With the concept developed especially for “On the road in the light 2022”, a composition of colors was staged in Potsdam’s city center during the evening hours, from Friday (Jan. 21) to Monday (Jan. 24), expressing the universal process of THERMODYNAMICS.

Beginning with blue tones on Friday, ending with red tones on Monday, the LICHT composition incorporated 18 buildings, each in turn with 24 light scenarios that harmonize and interact with each other to create an immersive walk through the “Holistic art piece” of public space, architecture, light and time.

Kicking off on Friday, the beauty of the cold winter months was celebrated in tranquil BLUE and INDIGO combinations, which gave way to the optimistic GREEN of spring on Saturday and was replaced by the WARM summer joy of YELLOW and ORANGE tones on Sunday. The dynamic process concluded on Monday with a more reflective backdrop of DARK RED, accompanied with lighting moods from all the MAIN COLORS of the color spectrum for the FINALE.

“We have not forgotten you”.

This LIGHT ART effort was connected to the concern of the state capital Potsdam to convey to its citizens and its cultural institutions that it has not forgotten the importance of CULTURE in the city and the relevance of all those active in the cultural scene, even in these difficult times. For all, this weekend celebrated the beauty of life and art in and with (light) culture.

The illumination was realized by the following partners: Landeshauptstadt Potsdam (organizer), P3 Projekt GmbH (organization), Ruairí O’Brien . Lichtdesign (lighting concept), TLT Event AG (technical realization)


On the road in the light. But safe! – Potsdam Marketing and Service GmbH (

Photos 1,7: Alexander Rentsch

Photos 2-6,8: Peter Fischer

AMD Dresden Site

AMD Dresden Site

Office and Laboratory Rooms

Interior design, color concept, lighting design

Completion of the new premises of AMD’s Dresden office according to Ruairí O’Brien’s concept for light and color.


  • Light for office spaces
  • Light for representative areas / reception area / reception desk
  • Light for conference / meeting rooms (telephone rooms, micro-meeting rooms)
  • Light for laboratory and development rooms / server rooms
  • Light for social areas (break rooms, kitchenettes, communication corners, bathrooms/toilets)
  • Traffic areas / corridors

With its simple and individually controllable lighting, our interior design and lighting concept supports the use of rooms with flexible use, e.g. in the work café, where individual work, all-hands meetings, group and team work or festive get-togethers take place.
A lighting concept for today’s modern working environments, tailored to the individual requirements of the individual areas as an ideal combination of standard-compliant lighting and discreet lighting design for a sense of well-being at the place of work. For a working environment that offers ideal working conditions and is a pleasure to spend time in.

Location: Annenhoefe Dresden, Germany (2022)
Architect: O+M Architekten GmbH BDA
Services: Interior design / color concept / lighting design
Client: Xilinx Dresden GmbH / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
Photos: Baldauf&Baldauf

Middle Building of Dora Concentration Camp Memorial, Nordhausen

Middle Building of Dora Concentration Camp Memorial, Nordhausen

Redesign of the didactic development of the tunnel complex

Competition entry, 3rd place

Our concept “Points and Lines” consists of two elements: Points of information and lines of paths in between. This concept includes the didactic idea that the light line guides the visitors and the information pillars (points) mark the destinations.
The information pillars or information light sculptures, convey the story and give the guided tours gathering points where the visitors get visual information and explanations together by the guide.
The light lines are guiding elements that lead to these information points and at the same time illuminate the space.
Both the information modules and the lighting are clearly different in their design from the original environment and thus convey a contrast to the original historic gallery. Since the exhibition elements are placed away from the walls and ceiling, they can be displayed while showing the surrounding environment.

We are pleased to have won third place in this competition with numerous renowned participants.

You can find our concept in detail here.

Upper Market Freiberg

Lighting of Upper Market Freiberg

Marketplace lighting, unique luminaires, town hall facade, Otto fountain, water features, seating furniture

The new marketplace lighting in Freiberg broke new ground in urban lighting design. The unique light poles, specially designed for the historic Upper market Freiberg, combine their duality of a technically functional object with the artistic light sculpture.

Innovative technology meets contemporary architecture, art meets science. In addition to illuminating the marketplace in the evening, the light poles (reflector system) can also be individually controlled or dimmed depending on the need for use in the public space. During the day, dichroic glasses in the upper mast take part in a solar geometric interaction with the sun, immersing the marketplace in a subtle, vibrant play of colors. The light-architectural work of art tailor-made for the historic upper market is completed by the illumination of the historic Otto fountain, the listed façade of the town hall as well as the water features and the unique granite seating furniture, also designed for the Upper market, which invites visitors to remain in the prestigious market square.

The lighting of the upper market Freiberg was nominated for Elisa – the Energy Efficiency Award of Saxony 2014. With the nomination, the lighting of the Upper market Freiberg was distinguished by the expert jury as a practical example and highlighted as a multipliable, proven, sustainable as well as efficient example from Saxony or for Saxony as a corresponding incentive for energy-efficient solutions.

House 62

University Hospital Dresden, House 62

Redesign of the Corridor Areas, Lighting and Color Concept

On behalf of the University Hospital Dresden, we developed and implemented a redesign of the corridor area in accordance with current usage requirements in parallel with the planning of structural fire protection measures. The false ceiling and the floor were renewed, and interior walls were partially modified. An attractive color and lighting concept was developed in line with the corporate design. The positioning of the luminaires visually expands the corridor and also illuminates the exhibition design within the wall area.

Microlight Sculpture

Microlight Sculpture

The Erich Kaestner House of Literature, Dresden

The octagonal prism of the micro light sculpture, a homage to the Danish poet Inger Christensen, symbolizes with its geometry the physical elements of nature: sky, earth, fire, water, wind, thunder, lake and mountain. Nuances of light and shadow, space and surface can be experienced. The multi-layered play with perspectives and the dissolution of boundaries sensitizes the viewer to an intense optical experience. The visual labyrinth of inner and outer world points to relations between micro and macro, to the polarity of unknowability and readability of art and the world. In the daylight, the object can be experienced multidimensionally in dialogue with the movement of the sun as a cast shadow, in the darkness with artificial light from the core: inside and outside, below and above are interchanged.

MDR – Bridge, Leipzig

Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge, MDR site, Leipzig

Lighting concept for the new pedestrian bridge

The new pedestrian and bicycle bridge (KHP Leipzig / Kolb Ripke Architekten), with its restrained and elegant bridge construction, assumes an important connecting function in the development of the MDR area in Leipzig. With its simple, linear view reduced to the minimum, the bridge is integrated into the landscape in a restrained manner. This intention is supported by the discreet, calming, high-quality lighting with warm white light (color temperature 3000K).

Entry in the VOF procedure
Competition: 2015/16, 1st prize
Sponsor/Client: City of Leipzig