House-Evolucio, The architect house for everyone

House-Evolucio, The Architect House for Everyone

Innovative living concept in modular construction

  • Flexible: minimal tiny house or spacious Loft house character and pre-planned interfaces for easy architecture changes according to individual needs;
  • Environmentally friendly: minimal ecological footprint
  • Cost-effective: modular construction and architectural-grade materials for cost-effective construction
  • Flood-proof: elevation for safety in flood-prone areas

House EVOLUCIO is a flexible, growth-capable and intergenerational housing concept that combines living and working in the city.

The distinctive architecture is able to structurally adapt to the changing needs of its residents without changing the basic architectural concept. Flexibility in floor plan design and planning of the individually separable apartments as well as barrier-free accessibility are planning principles that create the conditions that allow for the house to be able to adapt equally to the individual requirements and needs of different generations and life situations. The consistent architectural concept enables a cost-effective realization without compromising quality.

Services: HOAI LP 1-9

Client: private