Lighting Concept Bahnhofstrasse Lichtenrade, Berlin

Lighting Concept Bahnhofstraße Lichtenrade, Berlin

Lighting masterplan for the active center, the district center, the shopping street

The planning of the public lighting for the traffic areas (street) and secondary areas (pedestrian and recreational areas) is an essential part of our lighting concept for Bahnhofstraße Lichtenrade. The street and sidewalk lighting is coordinated with the superordinate lighting concept of the city of Berlin.

In addition to the use of light as a design tool to improve the appearance of public spaces and to increase the quality of stay in Bahnhofstraße, the lighting always serves first to ensure traffic safety. By providing uniform illuminance, emphasizing conflict zones and avoiding disturbing light (glare), safety for road users is increased and the quality of stay in the urban space is supported. The subspaces (microspaces) defined in the lighting master plan can optimally fulfill their function of structuring the public space, increasing attraction and dwell time even in the dark half of the day or year. Consideration was also given to the future redesign of the commercial street and the lowest possible maintenance and energy costs while optimally fulfilling the lighting task.