Now -and -Here


Architectural design for new Luxury restaurant and hotel building, Postplatz Dresden

The purpose planned here is a special inspiration for architectural creation. To create a house for a real day and night cycle is tantamount to a homage to the self. A house which includes a bistro with a lively morning café and “nightlife” that celebrates everyday life, that can benefit from the street flair of a sunny piazza and has the special magic of a sophisticated evening restaurant, possibly world-class, is a building that captures the rhythms of life and “talks” to the sun and the moon. Food and the preparation and transformation of food with simple ingredients into unforgettable moments of pleasure have parallels with high quality architecture, also created with imagination and attention to detail.

Moreover, the 360-degree concept makes it possible to face, at eye level, all the neighboring buildings and squares – to the theater opposite, to the piazza on the south side, to the façade side facing the Zwinger (with the large eye positioned in the center and the roof terrace with gallery) or to the entrance facing the Postplatz. The building acts outwardly with a generous gesture of openness and friendly invitation.