Light Story Teller memorial area Dresden north

Light Story Teller

Art – Architecture – Light concept for the memorial area Dresden North – Competition entry

The concept light storyteller is an expression of an immersive culture of remembrance. The light/shadow sculptures, which can be executed in different heights, dimensions and angles, intertwine the historical past with the sensual present, mark interdependencies between the places of remembrance and involve visitors in an immediate, low-threshold way through interaction with solar geometry.

The urban dimensioning takes up the meaning of the theme and the scale of the area/site in question. The aesthetic language expresses the existential hardness and force of the historical events, makes perpetrator attitude and victim feeling tangible. The light counter objects form a roof, are flexible anchor points, create microclimatic, sensually and cognitively stimulating spaces for diverse individual and communal, for analog, media and digital interventions, reflections and activities.

Diverse light guidance and control variants are playable via a light-shadow plan with narrative dramaturgy.