Eternity Art Competition Frechen Central Memorial


Competition entry by Ruairí O’Brien for the Frechen Central Memorial

Ruairí O'Brien's work of art "Eternity", with its striking and at the same time simple elements in a material and metaphorical sense, forms a dignified space for remembering all victims of the National Socialist tyranny. The two vertical masts and the line of light floating horizontally between them mark and house the real Fre¬chen green space; At the same time, through the immaterial spaces in between, they inspire an unlimited mental wandering between times, spaces and events. A line crosses the sky and illuminates the ground below. At the same time, reference is made to the spatial and temporal significance of the topic. The meta-level created in this way, which can be perceived haptically / visually / with the senses, forms an expansion space and yet an ensemble with the information board designed for concrete, authoritative verbal information about the history. 
“Simplicity gives complexity” - Simplicity allows and harbors great complexity here. 
The work of art brings public attention to the central memorial site. It marks this central square as a central memorial day and night and symbolically refers to the places where the events took place. The work encourages you to linger, to pause, and offers flexible space for mediation work by institutions, groups and individual actors. 
The line of light (bridge) that invites you to look, think and remember, it remains, it is always there.
The work of art has a noticeable day and night effect. Depending on the viewer's location, depending on the time of year and day, depending on the weather, lighting conditions, environment and individual visitor's condition, it develops its effect - sometimes more delicate, sometimes more intense, always with a long-distance and close-up effect.
Anyone who approaches the work of art opens up different perspectives and perceptions. Viewers are reflected in the masts, their gaze connecting their own self with the surroundings and the subject matter. The environment is reflected in it, light is reflected and directed.