Food Court GUC-German University in Cairo

Food Court GUC

Shade roof Food Court GUC

The images show our design proposals for a shade roof on the central square in the university campus of the German University in Cairo to optimize the conditions of use there.
The space is primarily used for catering for students and employees. It is a popular meeting place and location for meetings and presentations. Current information about university operations runs on the large screen. Due to the climatic conditions, it is often not possible to use the food court during the day, especially in summer, as the temperatures are too high and people therefore tend to seek out closed rooms or the shade. It was against this background that the project to build a shade roof came about.
The following goals are associated with this:
• Improvement of the heat situation during the day through shading (shade roof)
• Enabling use in the evening by illuminating the square from the shade roof
• Increase appeal – more guests use the food court
• Increased length of stay – guests stay longer
Our work consisted of the architectural concept for a large-scale roofing in several variants. By Ruairí O'Brien. For this purpose, a suitable lighting concept was developed for the attractive staging of the room below.

Further information can be found at the following link.