Garden Post Bad Mukau

Garden Post Bad Mukau

Exhibition of Prince Pueckler in England, Bad Muskau

Modular exhibition system as a micro-architectural implantation for the revival of historical inventory

Our modular exhibition system offers the visitor the opportunity to discover the creative and pragmatic development process of the unique Muskauer Park by means of the correspondence between Prince Hermann von Pueckler during his trip to England/Ireland in 1826-28 and Princess Lucie.
Organic growth as a central element in garden art as well as the fragmentary, perfection and imperfection associated with it, the liveliness as an ongoing process of change and development are universal themes that find expression in this exhibition sculpture. In a unique spatially-autonomous quality, the modular object made of maple wood condenses the individual thematic areas: the three protagonists Prince Pueckler, his wife Lucie and Rehder, the gardener have their say; the garden itself as well as the planned buildings.

By means of a color concept, the visitor finds orientation in terms of content and can immerse himself in the themes according to his own interests. On a visual as well as content level, he is equally drawn from the outside to the inside by the object, which is in dialogue with the surrounding interior and exterior space. The creative process within the design and structure of the microarchitectural implantation in the New Palace, combined with the creative process of Pueckler’s unique horticultural design in Muskau, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, forms a singular total artistic exhibition experience for the visitor. In the interplay of architecture and exhibition theme, the organic growth of an idea, the landscape garden, becomes comprehensible.

Competition: 1st place

Services: Planning HOAI Lph. 1-9, exhibition design and graphics

Client: Foundation Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau New Palace, Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau 2005