Winter light concept Leipzig

Winter Light Leipzig

Urban lighting concept for the city center of Leipzig

At the invitation of the city of Leipzig, a winter or Christmas light concept was developed by Ruairí O’Brien in a workshop process. The concept follows the title “inside-outside” and, under the motto “Zeitgeist with heart”, pursues the goal of contrasting a “city ring frozen in light” with the warmly illuminated city center. The aim is to create a fairytale experience. This is achieved through “bulbous thermodynamic lighting” that bathes the ring in a cold white neutral light and the downtown area within it in a warm and homey light. This urban gradation is proposed not only as a Christmas lighting concept, but as “winter lighting” as a whole, corresponding to the temporal dynamics of the winter and advent season.

The concept was recommended for further development for realization with a special appreciation mainly due to its urban design approach.

Client: City of Leipzig, Urban Planning Office

Services: Lighting concept