Science-Fiction City, Study Amusement park

Science-Fiction City, Bischofswerda

Study Amusement Park on Historical Industrial Wasteland

Science-Fiction City, feasibility study amusement park, project development (phase 1) SABRA – Bischofswerda site.

The task was to develop a conceptual idea for the revitalization and economically sustainable development of a derelict industrial site, taking into account local and regional location factors, with the aim of creating a use with a high level of attractiveness and super-regional appeal, which would entail the development of further commercial marketing opportunities and create development impulses for the city and region.

Result: Visionary development concept for the Science Fiction-City theme park with a basic investigation of the topic, architecture, feasibility, realization:

Potential analysis (location, theme)

Architecture (including the existing historical monuments)

Dramaturgy concept

Investment cost estimate

Development stage plan

Investor publication (bilingual project description for the acquisition of investors in the international area)

Client: City administration Bischofswerda, Lord Mayor, City Marketing