Micro Light-sculpture “Eating the Light“

Micro Light-sculpture “Eating the Light”

Light sculpture / light art contribution by Ruairí O’Brien for the light art festival

The pyramid-like sculpture created by Ruairí O’Brien captured natural light during the day and visualized the play of light with colors and spaces at night using an artificial light source. “Eating the Light” awakened the viewer’s awareness of the poetry of everyday things and light, and used minimal resources to address light as the elixir of life and its existential importance to the physical and psychological health of the individual. Light determines a person’s biological clock, their daily routine, and influences their moods. “Eating the Light” quietly, poetically and sensually addressed universal themes such as day, night, space, brightness and darkness, the influence of light on urban space and the individual on a micro and macro level. The title of the artwork can be taken literally and “eat” the light in its many varieties. The sculpture symbolized the idea as a light “fueling station” “We are what we eat” in a series of microlightsculptures® created by O’Brien.