On the Road in the Light 2022, Potsdam

On the road in the light 2022, Potsdam

“Soundless Music” The illuminated Potsdam city center 2022

On the road in the light. But safe!

On the third weekend in January, our LICHT composition “Soundless Music” was performed in Potsdam’s city center. With the concept developed especially for “On the road in the light 2022”, a composition of colors was staged in Potsdam’s city center during the evening hours, from Friday (Jan. 21) to Monday (Jan. 24), expressing the universal process of THERMODYNAMICS.

Beginning with blue tones on Friday, ending with red tones on Monday, the LICHT composition incorporated 18 buildings, each in turn with 24 light scenarios that harmonize and interact with each other to create an immersive walk through the “Holistic art piece” of public space, architecture, light and time.

Kicking off on Friday, the beauty of the cold winter months was celebrated in tranquil BLUE and INDIGO combinations, which gave way to the optimistic GREEN of spring on Saturday and was replaced by the WARM summer joy of YELLOW and ORANGE tones on Sunday. The dynamic process concluded on Monday with a more reflective backdrop of DARK RED, accompanied with lighting moods from all the MAIN COLORS of the color spectrum for the FINALE.

“We have not forgotten you”.

This LIGHT ART effort was connected to the concern of the state capital Potsdam to convey to its citizens and its cultural institutions that it has not forgotten the importance of CULTURE in the city and the relevance of all those active in the cultural scene, even in these difficult times. For all, this weekend celebrated the beauty of life and art in and with (light) culture.

The illumination was realized by the following partners: Landeshauptstadt Potsdam (organizer), P3 Projekt GmbH (organization), Ruairí O’Brien . Lichtdesign (lighting concept), TLT Event AG (technical realization)



On the road in the light. But safe! – Potsdam Marketing and Service GmbH (potsdamtourismus.de)


Photos 1,7: Alexander Rentsch

Photos 2-6,8: Peter Fischer