Upper Market Freiberg

Lighting of Upper Market Freiberg

Marketplace lighting, unique luminaires, town hall facade, Otto fountain, water features, seating furniture

The new marketplace lighting in Freiberg broke new ground in urban lighting design. The unique light poles, specially designed for the historic Upper market Freiberg, combine their duality of a technically functional object with the artistic light sculpture.

Innovative technology meets contemporary architecture, art meets science. In addition to illuminating the marketplace in the evening, the light poles (reflector system) can also be individually controlled or dimmed depending on the need for use in the public space. During the day, dichroic glasses in the upper mast take part in a solar geometric interaction with the sun, immersing the marketplace in a subtle, vibrant play of colors. The light-architectural work of art tailor-made for the historic upper market is completed by the illumination of the historic Otto fountain, the listed façade of the town hall as well as the water features and the unique granite seating furniture, also designed for the Upper market, which invites visitors to remain in the prestigious market square.

The lighting of the upper market Freiberg was nominated for Elisa – the Energy Efficiency Award of Saxony 2014. With the nomination, the lighting of the Upper market Freiberg was distinguished by the expert jury as a practical example and highlighted as a multipliable, proven, sustainable as well as efficient example from Saxony or for Saxony as a corresponding incentive for energy-efficient solutions.