Interactive Space

Interactive Space 3+4

Architectural-theater-dance- project at Projekt theater Dresden

Movable boxes of one square meter size with dancers moving in and out of the spaces, which can be stacked and changed to create a variety of scenes.
Questions like: How much space does a person need or does the interaction of humans with their built environment affect our interaction with each other.
Inside and outside, day and night, light and darkness, safety and risk, communication and non-communication, loneliness and togetherness were all part of an “architecture dance.”
The Architecture Theater Dance Project was performed at the Project Theater in Dresden. Visitors moved freely through the architecture city / landscape and interacted with the dancers. The boxes were examples of simple low-budget and affordable architecture.

The production is Ruairí O’Brien’s first “Microarchitecture” project and the precursor to his micromuseum® series.