Long-distance Bus Station Dresden

Long-distance Bus Station Dresden

Mobility Hub: Terminal Long-distance Bus Station, Bicycle Parking Garage, Flight Taxi

The Mobility Hub presented here has an innovative, modular and flexible overall concept that enables the tendered functions of bus station and bicycle parking garage and also provides an attractive space for different uses, such as offices, hotels, StartUp Center, studios, stores, etc.

The ingeniously simple design principle allows for sectional and phased construction as well as flexible future development. Which offers the potential to adapt to future changes structurally, without demolition.

The main structure of the building acts as a bridge over the bus station area to provide an area as free of supports as possible, which can be used for other purposes in the future.

Two high-rise blocks will be built on the sides of the “bridge” (total height 50 m). These high-rise towers / Thinking Towers complement the semicircle of high-rise buildings in the immediate vicinity on the northern side of the station, at the entrance to Prager Strasse, and offer plenty of space for a wide variety of uses.

The concept succeeds in positioning a distinctive, versatile and forward-looking architecture at an enormously important location in terms of urban development, which is potentially capable of adapting structurally to changing requirements in the future and enables new uses when mobility, technology or market conditions change.