Design Guide Bahnhofstrasse Berlin-Lichtenrade

Design Guide Bahnhofstrasse Berlin-Lichtenrade

Design guideline for the Active Center, the Bahnhofstrasse shopping street

The Design Primer is intended to contribute to an increase in the quality of stay and to the valorization of the special features, such as the urban qualities in the AZ area. The Design Primer can serve as an advisory tool, which is aimed in particular at property owners and traders, in order to contribute to improving the design quality of the properties and consequently of the entire AZ area.

With the design primer, proposals for measures for a coordinated design of the facades were developed, which should serve the owners as a guideline for action in the redesign of their facades. For Bahnhofstrasse and in particular the first floor zones, the retail location, possible ways were shown, for example, how facades with their structuring / design elements can fit into the built environment. The design primer uses exemplary illustrations to make the design aspects comprehensible and offers advice for conversions or an energetic refurbishment of the buildings.

Essential building blocks:

  • Analysis of the situation on site: brief presentation of the architectural history of the street and creation of a façade typology with examples of suitable façade designs and those in need of repair
  • Derivation of design recommendations for facades, especially the first floor (structure, advertising, structuring elements, color scheme)
  • Recommendations for the energetic renovation of facades and for implementation
  • Development of the design primer as a brochure.